One Nation One Charger: Universal Charger for All Devices

The Indian government intends to implement the ‘Common Charger Policy,’ also known as the ‘One Nation One Charger’ strategy. If it gets implemented then you may see one universal charger for all your mobiles, laptops, tablets etc. This is not fake news. The Indian government is forming expert committees to investigate the use of universal chargers for cell phones and other portable electronic devices. After that, a full report is expected to be submitted in two months.

Which devices will have the standard charging port?

All of the devices we use in our daily lives, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other wearable devices like smart watches will have a standard or universal charger, according to this policy. 

What initiative is the Government of India taking for “One Nation, One Charger”?

The government of India will meet with all of the major stakeholders in the Indian mobile industry to develop this One Nation, One Charger policy.

What are the benefits of the One Nation One Charger Policy?

There will be great benefits of the One Nation One Charger policy if it gets implemented. Some of the major benefits we are defining below.

  • Not thin, not wide, not small, every device will now have only one charger.
  • It will significantly reduce e-waste cases.
  • You will not need to carry multiple chargers with you.
  • It will reduce the pocket ache as it gives consumers the choice of buying gadgets with or without chargers. 
  • A reduction in the number of chargers required means less demand for the materials used to make them, as well as less waste, which is good for the environment.

Because of all of these advantages, nine out of ten customers want the government to standardize smartphone and tablet charging cables. As a consumer, tell us your opinion in the comment box that do you support One Nation One Charger policy or not? Keep Following Guest Blogging Pro to read Top Trending Technology Blogs.

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