Breaking News: No Toll Tax for Private Cars

Big breaking news: Learn more about the rule, No Toll Tax for Private Cars. The Madhya Pradesh State Government has decided to abolish the rule of collecting toll taxes from private vehicle owners, bringing a sigh of relief and blessing to the state’s private vehicle owners. The State Government, led by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan, has decided to exempt private vehicle owners from paying toll taxes in order to alleviate the frequent traffic jams at Madhya Pradesh toll plazas.

All new and old roads under the State Road Development Corporation are included in this new rule introduced by the Madhya Pradesh State Government, and private vehicle owners will no longer have to pay toll taxes. The proposal for this new rule has been sent to the cabinet for final approval, according to Neeraj Mandloi, the Principal Secretary of State Transport.

200 Major Roads Surveyed

Before making this decision, the Public Works Department surveyed approximately 200 state roads. According to the survey, commercial vehicles pay approximately 80% of the toll, while private vehicles pay the remaining 20%. However, the number of private vehicles queuing to pay tolls at toll plazas far outnumbers that of commercial vehicles, resulting in frequent traffic jams and congestion for commercial vehicles. As a result, in order to avoid congestion at toll plazas, the state government decided to exempt private vehicles from paying taxes.

The State Road Development Corporation built all 200 roads surveyed by the Public Works Department using the Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) method. The state government assigns the job of maintenance and development to a private company under this method for a set period of time.

Only commercial vehicles will be required to pay tolls in Madhya Pradesh from now on. In addition to private vehicle owners, VIP vehicles such as the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Ministers, and Members of Parliament are already exempt from this rule. In addition to these VIPs, judges, magistrates, central government secretaries, National Highway Authority of India officials, police, fire departments, ambulances, and defense vehicles are exempt from paying tolls.

A GPS-based toll collection system is on its way

Customers will pay the toll based on the distance travelled on the highway under the GPS-based toll collection system. Tolls will be charged on a pro-rata basis under the new laws. This means that the more you use the highways, the more tolls you will have to pay. Currently, tolls are charged at a stepped rate at toll booths.

According to Google Blogging Pro, the system is already in use in several European countries and has proven to be quite successful. Because of the overwhelming success, the Indian government intends to implement a similar system on Indian roads as well. No toll tax for private cars will be charged in near future directly.

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