All you Need to Know about Lumpy Skin Disease

Cattle Lumpy Skin Disease, Lumpy Virus in Rajasthan and Gujarat: Nearly 3,000 cattle have died in Rajasthan and Gujarat in recent weeks as a result of LSD.
Here in this post Guest Blogging Pro will tell you all about the Lumphy Skin Disease. We will answer the following questions about the Lumphy Skin Disease.

  • What is Lumpy Skin Disease?
  • What are the symptoms of Lumpy Skin Disease?
  • What is the cause of Lumpy Skin Disease?
  • Is Lumpy Skin Disease contagious?
  • Can Lumpy Skin Disease be cured?
  • How long does Lumpy Skin Disease take to heal?
  • Is there any vaccine for Lumpy Skin Disease?
  • How is Lumpy Skin Disease treated?
  • How do you prevent lumpy skin?

What is Lumpy Skin Disease?

Lumpy skin disease is a viral infection that mainly affects cattle. It is spread by blood-sucking insects such as flies and mosquitoes, as well as ticks. It causes fever, skin lumps and death, especially in animals that have never been exposed to the virus. Vaccination and rearing infected animals are two control options. Lumpy skin disease can result in significant financial loss. The disease is prevalent in many African countries. It spread from the Middle East to Southeast Europe in 2012, affecting EU member states (Greece and Bulgaria) as well as several other Balkan countries. Since then, a vaccination campaign has halted the epidemic in south-eastern Europe.

What are the symptoms of Lumpy Skin Disease?

Here are the sympoms of Lumpy Skin Disease in Cattles.

  • Lachrymation and nasal discharge is the prime and initial symptom
  • Subscapular and prefemoral lymph nodes enlarge and become palpable.
  • A high fever (>40.50 C) may last for about a week.
  • Milk yield drops dramatically.
  • Presence of highly conspicuous, nodular skin lesions ranging in size from 10 to 50 mm.
  • The number of lesions ranges from a few in mild cases to several in severely infected animals.
  • The skin of the head, neck, perineum, genitals (Figure 9), udder and limbs are the preferred sites.
  • Skin nodules can last for several months.
  • In severe cases, painful ulcerative lesions develop in the cornea of ​​one or both eyes, resulting in blindness.
  • Pneumonia or secondary bacterial infections from viruses, as well as mastitis, are common complications.
  • Infected animals frequently recover within three weeks of receiving anti-allergy and antibiotic medications.
  • LSD has a morbidity rate of 10-20% and a mortality rate of up to 5%.

What is the cause of Lumpy Skin Disease?

Lumpy skin disease is a vector-borne pox disease that manifests as skin nodules in domestic cattle and Asian water buffalo. Several Indian states, including Assam, Odisha, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh, have reported the disease. Lumpy skin disease (LSD) is caused by the poxvirus Lumpy skin disease virus infecting cattle or water buffalo (LSDV). The virus is one of three closely related species in the capripoxvirus genus, the other two being Sheeppox virus and Goatpox virus.

Is Lumpy Skin Disease contagious?

If we talk about the cattles then generally Lumphy Skin Diseases is not contagious.

Can Lumpy Skin Disease be cured?

Lumphy Skin Disease is not curable but there are some vaccines available that may help control the spread of Lumphy Skin Disease.

How long does Lumpy Skin Disease take to heal?

When secondary bacterial infections occur, complete recovery may take several months. The treatment aims to prevent or control secondary infection. It may take up to six months for animals severely affected by the LSD virus to fully recover.

Is there any vaccine for Lumpy Skin Disease?

Vaccination is critical in preventing disease spread. Current LSD vaccines are primarily live attenuated vaccines based on attenuated strains of wild isolates passaged through cell culture. There are three licenced vaccines for bovine dermatosis (LSD): the Neethling vaccine for lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV), the O-180 strain vaccine for Kenyan sheep and goat pox (KSGP), and the Gorgan goat pox (GTP).

How is Lumpy Skin Disease treated?

We have sadly say that there is no treatment for Sumphy Skin Disease. And because there is no cure for the virus, vaccination is the most effective method of control. Secondary skin infections can be treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and antibiotics (topical +/- injectable) when necessary.

How do you prevent lumpy skin?

Lumpy skin disease is controlled and prevented using four strategies: movement control (quarantine), vaccination, slaughter campaigns, and management strategies. Specific national control plans vary by country, so advice from relevant authorities and veterinarians is recommended. The most effective method of control is vaccination, and live homologous vaccines containing a Neethling-like strain of LSDV are recommended.

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