Top Virtual Event Platforms With Their Features

Virtual events have become a staple of our everyday lives, allowing everyone to get their message in front of people from all over the world, from companies to content providers to academic institutions. These events range from events marketing to virtual trade exhibits. Virtual event services are used by the majority of event marketers and organizations to advertise their brands and their products and draw in more people. Which platforms are the best for virtual events? We’ll discuss the top virtual event platforms in this post so you may effectively organize your upcoming event.

What Is A Virtual Event Platform?

A virtual event platform is a program that enables you to imitate the atmosphere of an actual conference or trade show online. Using this sort of software, users should be able to host many speakers in both live-streamed and recorded sessions, as well as provide opportunities for attendees to communicate with event hosts at predefined intervals.

These tools are distinct from online meeting applications like Zoom. Even when participants are thousands of miles apart, virtual meeting software allows small groups to connect in a personal, face-to-face setting. These solutions often had less functionality and permissions. Because they give organizers a variety of methods to interact with participants, such as waiting rooms, surveys, Q&As, live chat, and more, virtual event platforms are unique. Various virtual event platforms are available; a few of them are listed below:

Best Virtual Event Platforms

here, we are going to tell you about the best virtual event platroms that are currently rocking the world with their amazing features.


HeySummit is a comprehensive event management system that facilitates access to information. HeySummit promotes a knowledge-sharing economy regardless of who you are or where you reside. This gives people, companies, and organizations the ability to communicate their information, concepts, and experiences with a large audience. The tools that are already included in HeySummit make it easier to put together a great event. They provide event planners the ability to handle all facets of event administration, including marketing the event, onboarding speakers, selling tickets, obtaining participant feedback, and finally conducting the entire event.

Best Features Of Heysummit

  • Landing Page Builder
  • Live and Prerecorded Sessions
  • Self-Service Speaker Dashboards
  • Detailed Event Analytics


Hopin is a virtual space featuring a variety of interactive spaces that are designed for interacting and connecting. The ability to enter and exit rooms are present, exactly as at an actual event. This virtual event platform imitates the atmosphere of an in-person event on a virtual platform, promising high show-up rates, low drop-off rates, and pleased attendees. Both attendees and presenters may move about an exhibition floor while conversing, making connections, attending and leaving different keynote addresses, and generally engaging and interacting as they would in a trade fair or exhibition hall.

Best Features Of Hopin

  • Webinar sessions with chat and polls
  • Interactive “expo areas”
  • Customizable, brandable
  • Simple and flexible event schedule tool


An online conference, trade expo, job fair, and other events may be created and managed by event planners using vFairs, a virtual event service provider. It enables significant feature and integration customization. With the ability to organize both live and semi-live webinars and gorgeous 3D graphics, it provides participants, speakers, and sponsors with a distinctive, engrossing, and unforgettable experience. Users may comfortably browse material, network with exhibitors or colleagues, and easily attend live webinars thanks to the rich, vibrant settings.

Best Features Of vFairs

  • 3D virtually immersive environment
  • 1:1 and group networking features
  • Video and document hosting
  • Gamification options
  • In-depth reporting both during and after the event
  • Personalized landing page
  • Email marketing campaigns


Many event planners favor using BigMarker. For individuals who want to produce, share, and gain popularity with live, on-demand, and automated video content, it is a fantastic solution. Users have the option of hosting their material on the all-in-one virtual event platform or using its embed functionality with extra interactive elements like lead forms, surveys, offers, and Q & A. Furthermore, BigMarker’s virtual event platform makes it possible to broadcast your event on many platforms without the need for extra code or preparation.

Best Features Of BigMarker

  • Microsites and Landing Pages
  • Live, Interactive Video
  • Social Media Streaming
  • Embedded Surveys
  • Audience Handouts
  • Email Marketing


Dreamcast is a reputable virtual and hybrid events service provider that equips marketing experts and event planners to forge real human relationships and foster enduring growth. With a user-friendly yet comprehensive set of configurable and interactive features, Dreamcast is reinventing how marketers communicate with their consumers as a leading virtual event service provider. You may plan, organize, and carry out a memorable in-person event with the aid of Dreamcast’s in-person event solution.

Best Features of Dreamcast

  • Smart Event Registration, Ticketing & RSVP
  • Marketing & Automation
  • Whatsapp-Driven Communication
  • Effortless Networking Possibilities
  • White Labeled Mobile Event App
  • Data Analytics & Reports


Here in this blog post, we have tried our best to make you learn about the top Virtual Event Platforms with their features. Hope it will add some value to you. Keep following Guest Blogging Pro to read top trending technology blogs.

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