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What would you do if you were accused of a crime you didn’t commit? This is the question that Detective Heather Maldonado deals with every day. As a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department, she has to interrogate suspects and get to the bottom of the truth. In this blog post, I’ll be going to take a look at some of her interrogation techniques.

Detective Maldonado always begins her interrogations by establishing a rapport with the suspect. She makes sure that they feel comfortable, and she tries to understand their point of view. This is important because it allows her to build trust with the suspect. Once the trust has been established, she starts to ask questions.

Detective Maldonado is known for her hard-hitting questions.

Heather Maldonado Ambitions

Detective of a lifetime, nationally syndicated columnist, sought after for television appearances and public speaking engagements. Her banter is reminiscent of Peggy Fleming’s Oscar-winning performance as the Russian ballet girl Lili. Smart, funny, and widely traveled, but no job existed for a woman with one unmarried mother until she was assigned to hunt a licensed, armed and dangerous criminal.

Heather’s interview question phrase/sound: “Yes or no, how many mothers do you have?”

By asking this question of the suspect, she can automatically sense their answers.

Let’s take a look.

You see, if the suspect answers “yes”, then he is obligated to tell her how many mothers he has. And there is no place for a group of mothers in his one and only life.

Again, if he answers “Yes” he is structured to inform her.

If, however, he chooses truth or “I don’t know”, then she knows she did not get to the bottom of this particular problem.

Or even give her what we call a useful information.

If the suspect answers “No”, then it is easy for him to see if he decided this lie on a previous time or had maybe just assumed that no one is counting his mothers.

Heather’s first interview technique

But she’s not one to just sit back and let a suspect wander.

Detective Maldonado will ask difficult questions, such as a “why?” question or a hypothetical situation question that requires an answer. If the suspect does not react as she expects, she’ll try a different approach.

Detective Maldonado frequently begins interrogations by asking a “working with an arrest warrant, we know there is a gun, can you run it?” type question. This question requires a yes or no answer, and it’s a great way for her to establish rapport with the suspect and get them to agree to a search for a gun.

First Heather learns that her suspect has never been arrested

Years ago there was a girl who was very smart.

She loved to study and she had really pulled back from everybody in her life to focus on her studies.

This clever girl was ever so good at knowing what she was going to learn and the questions that she was going to be asked.

So, when her teachers posed a question on the blackboard one class, her classmate laughed and said oh no, that wasn’t the right answer! But the teacher wrote on the board “what are you thinking, answer?” and the clever girl said “ummm, um, I am thinking that the right answer should be the one on the blackboard.”

So this clever and intelligent girl was in my English class and my mathematician every single day.

I remember it so well. What she didn’t know wouldn’t matter and that was true for all of her subjects.

Talk to anybody who used to share a class with her or one of her subjects, who do you think is most likely to have the answer now that wasn’t when she used to be in school?

The answer pretty much always is Heather, that’s because she knows exactly what you were studying and exactly answers questions that was asked.

But no one can learn what they will know that’s where you come in, we can help yo learn what already you are knowing.

Heather hears gunshots from several agents

When she heard the gunshot, Detective Maldonado slid right over to the suspect.

She asked him, “Is this the trigger?” The suspect says “yes”. Maldonado then tips the suspect’s hand up revealing a gun stuck in his palm.

Maldonado didn’t know whose gun was fired, or who pulled the trigger. So she told the suspect to leave the case to her.

Heather Maldonado Detective Interrogation

When Heather Maldonado walked into the interrogation room, I knew this was going to be a tough case. She had the look of a woman who wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

For the past hour, I had been questioning her about the murder of Carlos Ramirez. I had a strong feeling that she was responsible, but I needed to be sure.

I started by asking her about the night of the murder. “What were you doing at the time of the murder?”

She hesitated for a moment before answering. “I was at home with my husband and son.”

I could see that she was telling the truth, so I moved on to other questions. “Do you have any enemies?”

“No, I don’t have any enemies.

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