Corrupt Child Protective Services

The Child Protective Services (CPS) system is broken and corrupt. There are many reasons why this happens. That is, But the most important one is the federal government’s incentive to have more children in foster care. They don’t want you or me to have them because it costs too much money and time for them to take care of them.

The CPS System Is Filled With Fraud and Deceit

CPS workers are trained to lie, cheat, steal and abuse. They don’t care about your child’s well-being or safety. All they care about is scoring points on their annual performance review. If you’re lucky enough to get a good worker who cares about kids. Actually cares about doing their job right then it’s not much better than what you would experience at any other job. Where there isn’t any oversight whatsoever either by management or union members who don’t share in this idea that “you can only do so much.” Child protective services corruption is increasing day by day.

There Is No Accountability In CPS

The lack of oversight, accountability, and transparency in CPS is a problem.

  • There is no oversight of the agency itself. There are no requirements for transparency or accountability for CPS employees. Who are subject to criminal investigations or civil lawsuits.
  • The agency does not have an independent investigation unit to oversee its activities or investigate wrongdoing on its part. It relies on internal investigations conducted by law enforcement agencies at the local level that have no real authority over them.*
  • There are no rules governing how quickly cases get resolved. Sometimes they can take years longer to resolve than they should because there isn’t enough money available for lawyers’ fees. The other costs associated with litigation against parents who may be poor but still deserve justice if their rights were violated.*

The Federal Government Has The Incentive To Have More Children In Foster Care

The federal government is the main funder of child protective services in the U.S. It has a vested interest in keeping that system running. If there were fewer children in foster care.  If the system was streamlined to be more efficient and cost-effective. That could mean less money for state governments. This would put pressure on them to find other ways to fund their services.

In addition, states often receive funding from the federal government based on how many children they have placed with foster families. So even though these programs are run by local governments they’re still incentivized by this financial arrangement

Authorities Often Lie To The Parents

Many of the parents who have been contacted by CPS have been told that if they don’t sign the papers, they will lose their children. This is a lie; it is not true at all.

They are given a false choice between signing papers or watching their children go into foster care or living with strangers (which can be very dangerous).

Parents Are Systematically Denied, Counsel

The Parents are systematically denied counsel of their choice to represent them or are forced to pay for their own attorney.

A judge or social worker may also order parents to represent themselves in child protective services cases. this practice is called “third-party representation”.

in some instances, parents will be forced to represent both themselves and their children at the same time. this practice is known as “third-party representation”.

Police Officers Often Cover Up For CPS Abuse

According to a report by the Center for Media and Democracy:

When officers are called to a scene of abuse, they can be pressured into not investigating further or even just leaving the child with their abusers. In one case cited in CMD’s report, an officer was asked by a social worker whether he could “make things go away”. If someone reported child abuse at a home where he lived. The officer said no and filed his report anyway but then left without doing anything else about it.

In another case described by CMD (which involved another police department), officers were told not to investigate reports of suspected child abuse because they would disrupt other investigations being conducted on behalf of CPS agencies across the country:

Judges Often Cover Up For CPS Abuse

In a world where children are considered the property of the state and parents are assumed to be criminals, judges often cover up CPS abuses.

In fact, many judges are biased in favor of CPS workers who want to remove children from their homes because they believe that if parents don’t give up their children voluntarily (or even without consent), then they must be bad people who should be punished for what has happened to these kids.

This bias may come from past experiences with abuse or neglect accusations against anyone close to them including family members! It also tends toward believing only one side of an argument. That is, when someone comes in claiming abuse or neglect on behalf of another person’s children then it seems reasonable enough. However, when someone comes into court saying something similar about themselves but denying any wrongdoing whatsoever it seems like nonsense unless there was some sort of hidden motive behind their claim such as revenge against someone else…

The Goal Of CPS Is Not To Reunite Families Or Protect Children

  • CPS is a money-making scam.
  • CPS is a tool of the federal government to control the population.
  • CPS is a tool of the police state to control the population.
  • CPS is a tool of social engineers who want us all under their thumb, whether we like it or not.

Child Protective Services Are Broken, Corrupt, And Abusive

Child protective services are broken. They’re corrupt, abusive, and designed to fail.

The system is designed to take children away from their parents. They often have no idea why they’re being investigated. Why their children suddenly can’t go home with them anymore? The system is also designed to make money for the government. It does this in two ways. First by charging fees for investigating allegations of abuse or neglect. Second, through forced placements where foster families receive government subsidies. But they won’t be allowed contact with their loved ones (or even know where they are). Until an investigation determines whether there’s enough evidence against them that warrants removing custody from their parents altogether.

Child Protective Services Has Become Large

CPS has become so large. It has now employed thousands of people across America. They spend their days monitoring every parent-child interaction through surveillance cameras set up at schools and daycare centers across America. Collecting data about what happens when kids interact with other kids outside school hours. They track down friends’ addresses via Facebook. Coercing children into participating in group therapy sessions during school hours while teachers look on helplessly behind closed doors because they don’t want anyone to know how much power these agencies wield over our lives!


We have shown that the CPS system is filled with fraud and deceit. There is no accountability in CPS. The federal government has an incentive to have more children in foster care. Authorities often lie to parents. They are saying they will lose all rights if they don’t sign papers when this is a lie. Parents are systematically denied counsel of their choice to represent them or forced to pay for their own attorney. Police often cover up for CPS abuse by lying about evidence collected from victims being abused by other family members who were not involved in any crime at all

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